Fire in the refuse bunker

Refuse Bunker

Risk Management in the Refuse Bunker

The refuse bunker of a thermal waste treatment plant contains different ignition sources with heterogeneous fire loads. Consequently, most of fires occur here, and have the most fatal effects. The bunker is the bottleneck through which all waste is routed without alternative on its way to the connected boilers, and which in the worst case scenario may lead to a complete standstill of your plant. Therefore, the insurance industry places exeptionally high demands on risk management for the bunker. 

Following initial scepticism, infrared cameras have proven to be an effective means of firefighting, with which the crane operator can detect (invisible) sources of fire with the help of thermography, and can thus effectively combat them at an early stage, even in a bunker filled with smoke. In any case, the crane operator has a key role to play in his crane cabin when it comes to combating fire. You should therefore pay particular attention to ensuring that the crane keeps functioning for as long as possible even under exposure to heat. Fireproof crane cabins, remote controlled cranes and sprinkling of towing cables are under consideration.

Other technical fire protection measures, such as fire monitors or deluge sprinkler systems, are likewise very helpful, but usually entail higher investment costs. In any individual case it must be carefully examined what applicances are reasonable and economically viable for your plant, and what measures are indispensable. 

Together with you, we will find the ideal solution for the technical design and organizational arrangements of fire protection in the refuse bunker. To advise you in the best possible way, we also apply the findings that we have gained from dialogue with other plant operators who are our customers, as we want your fire protection concept not only to comply with the general state of technology but also to fit the individual requirements of your plant. 

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