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Boiler House, Boiler

Risk Management in the Areas of Boiler Houses and Boilers

The boiler is the central component of the combustion process. Here – at the core of the plant – thermal treatment is a process for the volume reduction of wastes. The thermal and electrical energy production by overheating of feed water (e.g. process steam, district heating or electricity production) are a welcome side-effect and a source of additional income for plant operators.

A boiler breakdown may become an existence-threatening risk for you as plant operator. Without continuing boiler operation, the plant can neither fulfill its primary purpose of volume reduction of wastes nor can the additional income from energy production, which is highly appreciated for reasons of economy, be generated.   

For a long time, boiler explosion was considered as most feared scenario among your peers. Since there are technical security devices that prevent excess pressure – an achievement attained by long-term experience gained from risk management – total losses due to explosion have become rare.

Today's focus is rather on (partial) damage caused by, for example, corrosion due to flue gas on boiler walls or premature deterioration of boiler brick linings, or damage to the waste charging automation from shute to ash silo.  

Many damage scenarios are excluded from insurance cover in standard wordings provided by the insurance industry – even risks with a high probability of occurrence. Qualified claim handling assistance and special insurance policy wordings, which suit the specific requirements of the industry, are therefore all the more important. With VMD-PRINAS at your side, you can count on a strong partner in the case of damage, who provides optimum support and ensures smooth processing.  


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