Energy in bulk

Large-Scale Plants

Solutions for Large-Scale Technical Installations

Whether coal-fired power plant, thermal waste treatment plant or chemical park: the risk profiles of major facilities resemble one another. A very high explosion and fire damage potential goes hand in hand with an equally high risk of mechanical breakdowns. Due to sophisticated technical equipment, loss amounts run into billions. It is not uncommon that even major insurance companies reach their capacity limits. 

Many insurers summarize under the general term “Energy” the entire conventional energy industry including thermal waste treatment and downstream production of crude oil.  

In critical sectors, the provision of insurance protection for large technical installations is quite often organized by the risk carriers via central special units which are in many cases based abroad. No matter how professionally such central units handle the special risks of large technical installations, the rigid risk classification goes alongside with distinct constraints for you as the policyholder. Individual specifications that can for example result from the specific mode of operation or from regional interests and circumstances, can only be encountered with a great deal of effort.

For decades, we have been the competent and quality-focused partner for large-scale technical plants. That’s why we consider as our mission the development of economically reasonable risk management concepts, which nonetheless provide adequate protection for you. We are aware of the capacities that are available within the insurance market and provide you with a tailor-made package consisting of risk management measures and viable insurance solutions.