Mastering risks


VMD-PRINAS – Your Special Broker for Risks Peculiar to the Sector

The greater the service provider's industry expertise and plant-specific know-how, the higher the quality of solutions in risk and insurance management. Concentrating on one sector ensures that we can live up to our objective of providing tailored solutions that meet your individual needs. Therefore, we keep and will keep our focus on large-scale plants.

Besides having a deep understanding of the industry-specific requirements, we are familiar with the particularities of each large-scale plant to whom we provide services and support. Thanks to the close contact with "our" plant operators, we provide support and consulting services that follow your individual needs and market standards for the handling of your specific risk. This service provision goes far beyond qualified insurance mediation.  

With VMD-PRINAS at your side, you will benefit from our leading edge competencies in tailored insurance concepts which have their origin in our company history. Our wide-ranging options are growing with the demands that you place on us, in this way ensuring, now and in the future, that we can provide you with modern and sustainable insurance concepts.

You are a plant operator? Please challenge us. We would be happy to have a constructive dialogue with you and to develop a customized solution for you.