Worst-case scenario in the digital brain

Control Room

Risk Management in the Control Room

The control room is designed to control and monitor all system parameters. Following the path of digital age, it is renewed at regular intervals. 

The control room is traditionally not considered as being threatened by property damage, but with cybercrime on the rise, the digital brain of  thermal waste treatment plants has increasingly become a focus of risk management.  

Risk management in the control room means primarily partitioning and isolation: i.e. access controls for persons in the real world, network access controls in the virtual world. You as plant operator must always keep an eye on existing necessary connections to the outside world, and have to always reassess them in legal and technical terms and, if necessary, deny access. 

The question is how to protect the remote maintenance of your plant technically, and what legal agreements you can reach in order to implement appropriate security standards both internally and in respect of contractual partners. We have process-related solutions.

In anticipation of a loss scenario, we prepare together with you structured processes that show you how to substantially reduce the potential risk of a claim by quick action. 

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