VMD Prinas – Risk and insurance management for large-scale plants

Risk management – a term subject to liberal application. But when it is comes to filling this term with life, speechlessness and helplessness inevitably follow. What were you to reply if someone asked: How do you create sustainable risk management?

In a business environment that is completely innocent towards external risk transfer, you would most likely reply: “I analyze my facilities with respect to potential sources of hazards that could endanger my continued entrepreneurial existence. Therefore, I explore my company site, assess my entire members of staff and check each and every operation process as thoroughly as possible. After weeks of meticulous work, I put my analytical findings into the context of the economical, political and legal situation in order to find out the probability of occurrence for each risk and what consequences will be involved – this is of course done with full consideration as to all eventualities and possible external changes. Ready.“

Ready? Wrong! Comprehensive risk management is much more than a snapshot. Risk management is a long-term project sophisticated and demanding. Only after the own risks have been identified and a continuous monitoring of the risk environment has been organized, the actual risk assessment can follow under consideration of the individual risk philosophy. Subsequently, the professional insurance management will be structured accordingly, determining the assessment rating and own risk financing or risk transfer to other carriers.

Good to know that we do not leave you alone. As your special broker for large-scale technical installations, we support you in all issues relating to insurance protection, and provide our in-depth expertise which has been built-up by servicing a large number of similar installations. We develop a risk profile that is both individual and professional, and together with you we create solutions that enable you to protect your plant comprehensively, adequately and in a needs-oriented manner. Challenge us.