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Risk Management in the Area of Flue Gas Cleaning

Waste incineration has a history that is characterized by promoting public acceptance. Environmental impacts – caused by, for example, incineration residues or fumes – is not only a highly sensitive topic, but also a highly political issue. The legislator takes account of this with, amongst others,  the German Environmental Liability Act. 

Regular upgrading of your flue gas plant is an essential risk management tool in order to comply with statutory requirements. Modern flue gas installations in thermal waste treatment fall well below national and international statutory limit values for pollutants.  

The real property damage occurrence in flue gas plants shows an ongoing declining tendency, which is attributable not least to the multiple line systems employed today. Nowadays, even the problem of burning filter hoses which was often experienced in the past, scarcely plays a role thanks to alternative technical flue gas cleaning systems and developments in fire protection.  

However, your flue gas plant should be included in high-quality property damage insurance protection, because even if only one line comes to a stop at otherwise full capacity, the aim of accomplishing maximum plant capacity cannot be fulfilled. It goes without saying that beyond this, process-related property damage may occur across all flue gas cleaning lines due to their similar structure. 

In addition to property damage and financial loss coverage, adequate insurance protection against environmental liability claims arising from the operation of your plant is essential  – not least because you as operator of a thermal waste treatment plant are subject to special liability risks. Under municipal management, these environmental liability risks are often insured by risk carriers under public law and municipal loss adjustment. 

As cover capacities in the field of environmental liablity are not unlimited in many cases, it is recommended to seek additional cover through the private sector. We have attractive master agreements with the insurance industry available for you. 

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