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Risk Management for Plant Operators

Controlling and steering the risk and insurance management of a municipal waste treatment plant is your executive function as operator.  Our role in this, as we see it, is to assist you in this respect by demonstrating risk and insurance-relevant processes and developing solutions. 

Our team has the necessary qualifications to professionally accompany your risk management as integral component of your plant operation.  As part of our ongoing  – minuted – dialogue with you, we will keep you updated on your existing insurance portfolio on a regular basis and discuss with you current issues, e.g. regarding risk techniques. In addition, once a year we will issue a confirmation that your plant meets the current requirements of risk management in terms of insurance protection.


With our service, you as plant operator protect your assets while having the backing and professional support for the fulfillment of your organizational obligation to exercise diligence as the body ultimately responsible. In consideration of industry standards, we make every effort to avoid any discrepancies in risk and insurance management – and with that possible liabilities –which for you as governing body could lead to claims against your personal assets, even in the event of a slightly negligent breach of duty. 

Of course, in case of need and interest, our risk management concepts also incorporate protection for directors and officers against claims arising from breaches of duty by the insured in its managerial or supervisory activities. Our specialized legal practitioners are available to you for individual and personal protection of the interests of governing bodies. 


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